Shu Te Digital Art Center is a multifunctional 、complex institution and enterprise/service in Design School of Shu Te University.

The SDAC is staffed by ChiaHung Yeh (Director/ Lecture in Visual Communication Design Department) and Wanting Huang (Project Assistant/Senior Web Designer).

SDAC create a more studio-like atmosphere and seminar area. In addition, we were fortunate to upgrade our digital equipment as well as add new capabilities. 3D animation workstations, Nonlinear editing system, printing, scanning and sound equipment, as well as some enhancements and updates to our softwares have increased the span of possible projects emerging from Design School.

The immediate goal of SDAC is to provide and develop an infrastructure in digital art and design, professional maintenance and complex use that would cover a digital culture in its complexity and diversity as never done before in Academy.

Digital Design Achieve Gallery-
Its mission is to present works of art and design from different branches (i.e.: Photographic Arts, Multimedia, Animation, DTP, Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial & Packaging Design, Graphical Arts, Illustration Arts, Web-Design, Mapping and Spatial Information Society etc.) through digital media tools. The collection is constantly growing and currently has approximately hundreds digital images. Strengths include architectural, interior design, visual communication design, product design and fashion design. The SDAC is currently collaborating with Taiwan History Museum planning bureaus (THM) by planning and creating multimedia exhibition system for the museum. The SDAC involve with some institutional projects included the multimedia design, web design, animation and commercial film production.
Information and consulting services-
through the creation of an art and design database, information and consulting will be provided to all involved with IT and Digital Design.
The overall goal of Digital Art Center is establishing and operating SDAC New Media Studio. SDAC strives to create a think-tank, enforced with professional background instructors in design school, consisting of its employees and external experts. These individuals will catalogue, edit and digitally process gathered information and publish it in different media (Print, CD-ROM, Internet and Film) targeting different consumer groups. The output will consist of publications, promotion and reference material, which will be brought to the potential customer, creating a network of regular and occasional buyers. A further task would be the organization of programs dedicated to special events and topics.

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